Building Ecotopia

Building Ecotopia

Most developers understand that green buildings are the way forward. They have a checklist of what constitutes a green building and ways to make one.


With India having ratified the COP 21 climate change agreement, green buildings promises to be one of the strongest pillars and foundation for reduction of carbon footprint.

Constructions of buildings have been one of the chief global emissions contributors. However, these hold the maximum potential in terms of delivering cuts if the focus aligns to building green.

"Additionally, the PWD, government of Maharashtra, has mandated that the renovation of existing buildings and the development of all new government buildings in Maharashtra shall be carried out as per the suitable IGBC Green Building Rating system," says Amit Ruparel, MD, Ruparel Realty Experts from the private sector can play a key role in participating with their government counterparts to chart progressive policy and draft win-win propositions for all stakeholders.

Source : Construction Week

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