Envisioning Homes For The Elderly

Envisioning Homes For The Elderly By Mr. Amit Ruparel, Managing Director, Ruparel Realty.

India is moving close to become the most populous country in the next seven years. It’s anticipated that India will have 34 crore people above 60 years of age by 2050 that would be more than the total population of the United States.  Also, “India Ageing Report 2017” by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) highlights that the share of the population over the age of 60 could increase from 8 percent in 2015 to 19 percent in 2050. This questions us to think if we are ready for tomorrow. When it comes to homes, while technology is paving a way to make individuals live self-sufficient, it is designing and location that will also play a vital role for tomorrow’s aging population to live independently.

Health and happiness of elderly can be addressed with functional homes to ensure hassle-free commute and good social infrastructure. It’s essential these days to provide accessible homes from house design to wheelchair access ramps. Architectural intelligence plays an important while designing homes for the elderly.  

Floorings and tile selection is essential as well. That is, all floors should be made slip-resistant. Trips are as dangerous as slips, so it is imperative to eliminate trip points such as thresholds wherever possible. Additionally, for the elderly, stairs can also be a point of concern hence handrails are a must, on both sides of the staircase if possible. Smart homes concept will provide the basic comfort to the elderly. We find that there are things that can be done to assist them through the use of smart home technology. Smart Home technology aims to tackle the struggles that you might face staying in the home long term. With smart home security, you can monitor everything, from who’s at the door, to whether or not the oven was left on by accident.

Most people think of shower grab bars as a way to make bathing safer. There are other ways to help ensure safety in the bath such as adding grab bars by the toilet or in other places where someone may need a helping hand. By adding grab bars in the bathtub also helps easy access to getting in and getting out. Also, a hand-held shower is easier to use for someone with limited mobility than a fixed showerhead.

Social Infrastructure also plays a vital role while deciding a location for an elderly home. It is essential for developers to take the limitations of elderly into the consideration while choosing the area and while designing the project. Shopping markets, recreational parks, medical institutes, etc. if near to the project will create a huge impact on the elderly to live comfortably and independently.

The senior population is readying to double over the next 25 years, so creating a home design that improves the quality of life for the elderly will be something to look forward. Developers need to plan structure for the aging population with innovative ideas that aid in mobility and ease of use.

Source : The Afternoon DC

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